[ General Terms of Business ]


  1. By placing the advertisment and/or enlistment order the customer accepts the general terms of business of the publishing house. Verbal agreements are not valid. Changes of the genaeral terms of business and/or payment conditions are only valid with written confirmation by the publishing house.
  2. The publishing house is discharged from all liability resulting from time retardation in the publication date as well as in the case of force majeure. In case of not being published, missing, wrong or partly wrong data entries, claims for compensation, removal or fulfillment are excluded. Complaints of obvious faults can be considered only when claimed within 30 days after publishing date. Publishing date is the first day of delivery, for other media the first day of publishing of the ordered entry.
  3. The publishing house can withdraw from the order. The customer will then be informed in written from. The content of the entry falls completely under the responsibility of the customer. The publishing house is not liable for form, content, verity of content and questions of competition laws. The customers delivers wording, logos, repro drafts or the complete layout of the ordered entries.
  4. The customer recelves an impress copy of freely designed advertisements. Changes can be carried out within the mentioned time limit. If the impress copy is not returne during this time limit, it is considered as approved.
  5. Cancellation wishes of the customer can be accepted in case of forcible reasons only, and only before start of printing. They must be accepted by the publishing house.
  6. The customer data will be processed electronically and stored in order to carry out the enlistment order and for further customer service.
  7. Conditions of payment: After reception of invoice net cash.
  8. Basis for the calculation of the value-added tax is the publishing date. If not regulated otherwise by the authorities, a supplementary calculation or reimbursement respectively will be carried out in case of changes in the value added tax.
  9. From the first reminder on, outstanding amounts will have to be paid with an interest rate of 8% p.a., costs for the first reminder 5,00 € - for the second 10,00 €.
  10. Settling location and legal domicile is Berlin.


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